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Go! Magazine
January 30, 2001
Dale Crutchlow
Primitive Reactions

"WHEN the jingly jangly pop heaven that was Crash reached number five in 1988 The Primitives joined an elite group of Coventry bands..."



Melody Maker
July 20, 1991
Andrew Mueller
Zebra Crossings

"I'LL tell you something weird about zebras," confides Primitives guitarist and beat movie extra Paul Court..".



Record Mirror
Oct 1988
Tony Beard
Photos: John lnglede W
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

"FOLLOWING the success of ‘Crash’, hordes of wannabee Primitives bands have been pursued by the major record companies. But what of the original article..."



Number One
March 12, 1988

TRACEY SAYS "I never use my surname professionally and I don't think anyone knows what it is..."



Record Collector
October 1990
Michael Robson
Michael Robson Tracks The Indie Band Who Arrived With A "Crash"

"SINCE Two-Tone, Coventry's musical output has been decidedly low key; but the Primitives' rise from indie status to the Top 5 and U.S. tours has put the city back on the musical map..."



Melody Maker
January 30, 1988
Steve Sutherland
Photos: Tom Sheehan
Playground Twist

"ON a collision course with perfection, 'Crash' looks about to catapult Coventry's Primitives into the nations affections..."



Melody Maker
Jul 8, 1989
Chris Roberts
Photos: Paul Rider
The Primitives: Red Dawn

" IN the process of recording their second LP and with their new single, 'Sick Of It', about to be released, The Primitives are looking to further the success of 'Crash' and 'Lovely'..."



Record Mirror
October 1989
Iestyn George
Pure and Simple

“THIS is where it all happens. Where careers are made and destroyed,” says Tig as we survey the dozens of gold and silver discs that surround us..."



August 20, 1988
"Crash" Course

“EMBRACED by Britain, which devoured their hit single "Crash," the Primitives stand ready to take on the U.S. with "Lovely," their debut album on RCA Records..."



New Musical Express
July 27, 1991
Simon Williams
Photos: Harry Borden
End Of The Pier-Oxide Blonde

“THEY invented indie-dance music three years ago, and now they're the sexiest band around! Yes, we are talking about THE PRIMITIVES, the first jingly guitar band to cross over into the charts..."



Graffiti Magazine
Vol. 4 No. 8 (circa June 88)
Perry Stern
Nice To Cats!

“NEW bands often have to resort to gimmicks to get the often overtaxed attention of the so-called music press. It is always a huge relief on the part of the aforementioned press when a band lives up to, or even beyond, the hype..."



March 1989
Claire Connors
Photos: Barry Hollywood
Wanted: Male Singer

“IT almost sounds like a fairy tale. There she was, standing in the local library in Coventry, England, reading a little hand made poster on the wall -- Wanted: Male lead singer..."



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