March 1989
Claire Connors


It almost sounds like a fairy tale. There she was, standing in the local library in Coventry, England, reading a little hand made poster on the wall -- "Wanted: Male lead singer for band into Nick Cave and Iggy Pop." So what dowes Tracey Tracey, a very talented, albeit very female, singer do? " I wanted to be in a band," says the petite vocalist. "So I just thought, Tough it---and went ahead to the audition."

And there, waiting for their future lead singer, were the boys in the band: guitarist/vocalist Paul Court, drummer Tig Williams, and bass player Steve Dullaghan. "We were kind of surprised when Tracey walked in," says Steve. "But after we heard her sing, we knew we had to give it a go." Smart move. Because Tracey was the final element needed to form one of the most exciting pop bands to come out of England in 1988, the Primitives.

With a name like the Primitives, you might expect typical rock 'n' roll behavior from the band. No way. These are four performers who take their jobs and their music very seriously. "From a very early age, we all knew it was going to be music and nothing else." says Steve. Okay, they may act serious, but one listen to their debut album, Lovely, and you know the Primitives are having a lot of fun, too. They practically dare you not to start dancing to their songs--especially the infectious smash hit Crash.

When we caught up with this rockin' quartet in the middle of their first American tour, they were exhausted and exhilarated by the overwhelming reception they'd received. They had to admit their future looks bright. "We're about to go back in the studio to record our second album," says Paul. "The new songs are very danceable. We all feel they're the best we've ever done. Really fresh."

If there first album is any indication of what can expect, we can hardly wait.