Number One
March 12, 1988



TRACEY SAYS "I never use my surname professionally and I don't think anyone knows what it is", but according to Primitive Paul Court, "that's because Perkins isn't very nice."

TRACEY THINKS her hometown Coventry is "alright but there's nothing to do there. I share a house with someone and my five cat's who I'm fed up of talking about. Just this once, their called Jet, Prince, India, Captain Pugwash, and Tit (for short)."

TRACEY USED to live in Australia: "My parents emigrated there a few years ago. It's possible to do really well there. You can have a massive house, a swimming pool, and lead a life of luxury. I got tired of it so I moved back to Coventry to join a group. I was the only female who answered their advert."

TRACEY HAD "never had a proper job like being a secretary, but I made and sold clothes in Australia and took them round the markets in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne."

TRACEY SAYS "it's pretty poor being a Primitive. We haven't got two pennies to rub together. If I had some money I'd go out and get a 1957 white Porsche like James Dean's."

TRACEY THINKS that "doing Top Of The Pops is good fun but very much a waste of a day. They make you hang about for hours and the audience don't care who you are anyway. They've gone along to be seen on the telly."

TRACEY COLLECTS "hats and scarves and bits and pieces from my travels."

TRACEY LIKES "The Bangles, Prince, The Triffids, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, and Marc Bolan. I've got a very dated taste in music."

TRACEY'S FAVOURITE films are "Teen Wolf 2, Angel Heart, Up The Junction, and The Apartment. I like Robert DeNiro, Hattie Jacques, Roger Moore, and Steve Martin."

TRACEY READS all the time, "especially film star's autobiographies. This And That by Bettie Davis is great and so is Edith Piaf's autobiography."



PAUL COURT is "a self-made man. I just picked up a guitar and plugged it in. I'm not very good but I like sounding raw and rough. Ideally I want to be like Lennon and McCartney or The Byrds."

PAUL SAYS "The Primitives pinched our name from dozens of places. There have been loads of bands called The Primitives. The best one came from Blackpool. They were a garage band in the 60's who made the Rolling Stones sound like Sad Cafe. We've got the punk rock ethic definitely, that attitude. A bunch of scruffs. I like the fact that we sound sinister or kitsch."

PAUL COLLECTS "tasteless socks and purple cushions."

PAUL'S FAVOURITE bands are "hopeless punk like the Jesters of Newport and Venereal Crisis."

PAUL LIKES to relax by "going and getting drunk and having a good lie-down. But we never get the time anymore. Other bands would have gone out and celebrated their first appearance on TOTP but we had to go to the bloody studio for eight hours."

PAUL WATCHES "the odd film. I like The Pawn Broker, Psycho and The Stepfather. My favorite film stars are all seedy undesirables - Rod Steiger types. We all like Jack Nicholson too.

IF PAUL HAD ANY MONEY he'd "move out of the proxy terraced slum I live in and buy somewhere decent. I'd miss the outside toilet, though."

PAUL USED "to go see the Specials for fifty pence at the Dog And Trumpet. I like Terry Hall. I don't like Paul King."

PAUL ENJOYS "doing people's gardens for a small fee. I admire Rick Astley because he used to be a market gardener didn't he?"


STEVE SAYS "being in the Primitives is bankrupting me. I made more money on the dole."

STEVE THINKS "the name, the Primitives, is a bit at odds with us as people because we're not especially camp apart from Paul and our music can be very sweet and sickly."

Being in a band has made "us very insular and intimate. We've been with each other every day for the past two years now."

STEVE LIVES "in one room with all my belongings piled up in no particular order."

STEVE'S AMBITION is "to have enough money so I don't have to borrow twenty pence to catch the tube."

STEVE MET MORRISSEY "we stood and stared at our shoes for half an hour until he got up and said 'you bloody miserable sods!' and stormed off. He did introduce us at an ICA concert which seemed like and odd thing for him to do. He didn't have to do it. If we do meet him we don't ask him for advice, we usually talk about socks. Morrissey likes wool socks by the way so don't bother sending him nylon ones."

STEVE TOTALLY INFLUENCES "all of Paul's reading and film tastes. I like John Steinbeck, The Catcher In The Rye and everyone should know the best film ever is Paris, Texas. River's Edge and No Way To Treat A Lady are also my favourites. Actors? Harry Dean Stanton and DeNiro. Bruce Dern is always good too, even in crappy TV movies."

STEVE SAYS "the Primitives motto is: for every pound we make, we spend two."

STEVE AND PAUL STARTED "our own label called Lazy in Coventry because nobody was the slightest bit interested in us. They still don't take much notice and why should they? Who are we anyway?"