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The Primitives emerged from the much-touted independent scene of the mid-Eighties that reared, amongst others, the Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, the Soup Dragons and the Wedding Present. Many of these, including the Primitives, brought a welcome breath of fresh air and a sense of fun to a scene dominated by the more po-faced 'goth' bands. And many wore their influences on their sleeves; a love of melody and the Sixties (the Monkees, the Velvets and the Byrds), fast Ramones-influenced guitars, and the pop innocence of the Buzzcocks and Orange Juice. This was the backdrop for the Primitives' formation, and no other band went on to encapsulate all these ingredients so perfectly.

The Primitives: Michael Robson Tracks The Indie Band Who Arrived With A "Crash"
Record Collector Oct 1990