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aka: Tracy Tracy, Tracey Tracey, Tracy "Spencer"

vocals, tambourine (1986-1991)

b. August 18, 1967 Australia

After The Primitives disbanded, Tracy took a fashion/design course before returning to Australia for 18 months to see her parents and to take a break. She added vocal work to Starpower's 'Some Velvet Morning' cover. Back in Coventry, Tracy wrote and recorded some unreleased tracks with Paul Sampson. They were aborted at the time because Tracy wanted to re-identify herself in the dance music field with then-boyfriend, DJ Ollie of Slacker's Delight. At the time she felt the tracks sounded "too close to you know who?" She recorded with DJ Matt Booker and in 1998 Tracy worked with Pink Bomb to record their single "Indica" (she was listed as Tracy Cattell on the project). Tracy also acted as a booking agent for Slacker's Delight. She has also done vocal work on a project for Steve Dullaghan and on Paul Sampson's FATE album, Twelve Times The Moon.

On March 28, 2001 Tracy Tracy made a television appearance on BBC2's "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" where it was stated she was involved with a West Midlands Music Collective.

October 2002, Barcelona Spain - Tracy performs live promoting the Softly EP - a compilation of which she does vocal work on the track, 'Seahorses' with Slacker's Delight. (clubsoftly.net)

A couple of years ago, an EP was rumored for release with 3 tracks featuring Tracy's full vocal with tracks co written with Slacker's Delight. It no longer appears she is working with Slacker's Delight.