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Thru The Flowers
Primitives info, album pics, a discussion group, lists of live recordings and video recordings etc.

"Primitives" Yahoo Discussion Group

"The_Primitives" Yahoo Discussion Group

Spacehead (aka: I Almost Touched You)
Mandy's site is most likely the first Primitives site on the net; info, guitar tabs, etc.

Data About The Primitives
nice looking Japanese site; discography, bio, links

Dirks Discography and CD Trading Site
Primitives discography, also has page on The Darling Buds and other bands

site has a Primitives page with live photos, mp3's etc.

YouTube - Primitives/Primitives related videos

YouTube - Primitives videos from Crashsite.org

VH1 - The Primitives
Full Length videos of Secrets, Way Behind Me, and Sick Of It

Joypop Studio
Paul Court and his artwork

Cabin Studio
the Coventry recording studio where The Primitives once recorded and Paul Sampson is still onsite engineer/producer

TweeNet - The Primitives
Home of classic and current Indie Pop music and the reference-site for the 'Indiepop mailing list'.

Artist Direct - The Primitives
bio, discography, Primitive sites, message board, related artists etc. Between 1998-2001, this site's message board was thee place for discussing all things Prims.

Lyrics&Songs.com - Primitives lyrics

Planet Newphenup
Primitives guitar tabs in the 80's section

Paul Court BMI writer/composer repertoire

Tracy Tracy BMI writer/composer repertoire

Steve Dullaghan BMI writer/composer repertoire