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STARPOWER: Paul Court and Tig Williams went on to form Starpower after The Primitives disbanded. Tracy sang backup on the track, Some Velvet Morning. They released two singles. Neil Champion played bass and John O'Sullivan played guitar. According to John O'Sullivan, "Before I joined, the band also included Tracey Tracey (of the Primitives) and Rob Lord on keyboards (formerly of Coventry band Oskar Kokoshka) The band changed names a couple of times, finally releasing one CD single under the name HEDY, before crumbling under the weight of public indifference."

HEDY: After Starpower Paul Court and Tig Williams formed Hedy. Neil Champion also played bass.

SEE SEE RIDER: Pete Tweedie was part of this group named after the Elvis Presley song. They released a few singles on Lazy Records and at least one video. Douglas Hart (early Jesus And Mary Chain) played guitar on song, See See.

HATE: "Steve Dullaghan left The Primitives on Dec 9th 1988 and formed Hate with Pete Tweedie. Tweedie was only part of the group initially. Dullaghan and Martyn Bates later formed Hate into Hungry i.

THE BENSONS: "Pete Tweedie's current band"

MARTYN BATES: lead singer of Eyeless In Gaza and solo artist. In 1990 formed Hungry i with Steve Dullaghan on guitar. Bates was also at one time in Reluctant Stereotypes with Paul Sampson. Paul Sampson produced and played on several MB, Hi, and EIG albums from 1988-1993.

THE PRETENDERS: Andy Hobson has been a member of The Pretenders since around 1993. Adam Seymour (ex-Katydids) is on guitar.

BAOBAB: Neil Champion's current band.

OTHER LAZY RECORDS BANDS: My Bloody Valentine, Birdland, See See Rider, Primevils (Primevals?), Chunk

ARTISTS PRODUCED BY PAUL SAMPSON: Paul Sampson has done production work with many bands including; Starpower, Hedy, See See Rider, Catatonia, Honeyrider, Martyn Bates, Eyeless in Gaza, Hungry i, Redwood, F.A.T.E. etc. etc.