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Crashsite.org is not the "official" website for The Primitives since this band no longer exists. Though the site has been contacted by past members of the band and given images and information from them, it doesn't deserve the title of "official" website. Unfortunately, Crashsite is also NOT the place to try and contact any of the previous members of The Primitives.

Crashsite.org began in 1999 as the brainchild of webmaster, MARK, a longtime fan of The Primitives living in California.

"...having been a fan of the group since the U.S. release of "Lovely" (1988), I purchased "Best of The Primitives" in early 1999. Like you, I wondered if there was more info about the band on the Internet. At that time there wasn't too much out there, and what was didn't seem very complete. So, I gathered as much info from the Internet as I could and proceeded to contact fans literally from around the world for contributions of pictures and information. There have been so many people involved with this site's content - I would like to THANK THEM ALL for their contributions because I could not have done this without them..."

MARK is by no means the "biggest" Primitives fan in the world, but he has had contact with individuals that do deserve that title.