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Crashsite.org turns 9 years old!



Crashsite.org turns 8 years old!


New page, MORE VIDEOS in the Images section. These are Primitives (and Primitives related) videos from YouTube. There are some incredibliy rare clips shown as well as cover versions by other artists.


New Mp3 added to Post Primitives Mp3 page:
Tracy singing on the track, "Grey Biscuit" for Paul Sampson's FATE album.


Mp3 page has a new collection of music for listening. Still includes Crash, Sick Of It etc.


Crashsite.org turns 7 years old!


I will be updating the music video and tv appearances pages by embedding them with videos from YouTube. You will be able to click the video and watch it or (after it loads) click it again and it will take you to a larger version on YouTube.

A huge THANK YOU to Simon for offering rare videos of Earth Thing, You Are The Way, TV interviews and performances.

Also added is a page with slide shows of Primitives photos.


New Primitives collection to be issued on June 12, 2006. Contains 45 tracks including never released, Janice Long sessions and live tracks. See ALBUMS page


New Crashsite layout.


The Primitives artist page at VH1 now has full-length videos of Secrets, Sick Of It, and Way Behind Me to view. click here

I've also added vidcaps of the Secrets video to the VIDEOS page


Crashsite is 6 years old!


Information on two 2005 Primitives' compilations added to the music/albums page: Buzz Buzz Buzz and The Best of The Primitives.
- Mark


No important web updates yet, but a link to a nice little mention about The Primitives on BBC 6. Thanks Dave
- Mark

click here


Just added to the 'Post Primitives MP3' page, four tracks by Slackers Delight with vocal work by Tracy Cattel (aka Tracy Tracy). They'd like some feedback on the tracks so email me your thoughts.
- Mark


Crashsite's new layout is up and running. There are a good number of changes to the site both major and minor. Take a look around and have yourselves a great new year.
- Mark


Crashsite is 5 years old!


I've decided to give Crashsite a new face lift. I recently viewed the site through a friend's Mac computer and realized it doesn't work like it is meant to. The site will remain as it is until I have the new design completed. I also want to try something different for the layout and style
- Mark


Today is my birthday so as a gift to you I've added more rarities to the MP3 page: rare live version of White Rabbit and the extremely rare Janice Long Session version of Ticket To Ride, as well as Tracy's vocal work with Pink Bomb and the rest of the Starpower tracks (if you have clearer sounding MP3s of Starpower, please let me know)

White Rabbit added to the list of songs covered by The Primitives on COMPS+ COVERS page added photos to TELEVISION page from 1988 outdoor charity event (anyone know what thisevent was?)

FAN PICS added from the 1988 Roxy show


2004, a brand new year to begin. So in celebration I've added MP3 tracks by "Post Primitives" bands, Starpower and Hedy to the MP3 page. The Starpower MP3 is not the best quality and I hope to replace it with a higher quality version sometime. This track has Tracy backing the band on vocals - so literally this track is The Primitives in 1994


Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays from CRASHSITE

You can now listen to The Primitives version of Silent Night at the MP3 page just in time for the holidays

AVI video clips updated


Special thanks to Paul Court for taking the time to help update the following lyrics: Outside, Earth Thing, You Don't Know, Across My Shoulder, Laughing Up My Sleeve, Never Tell, Keep Me In Mind, You Are The Way a few additions to Paul Court info on BAND MEMBERS

images of Clive Layton and Kieron finally complete the BAND MEMBERS page

some design changes (hopefully un-noticeable) to the web structure of the site

new cover version of Crash by 'Shebang' added to COMPS+COVERS

Primitives (full size) MPEG videos are available again through Me - email about how to get yourself a copy


happy birthday to CRASHSITE!! - all of 4 years old ... many thanks for your all who support this site

new and previous Primitives AVI video clips available for download


new Primitives AVI video clips available for download


new Paul Court info listed on BAND MEMBERS and PRIMITIVES SITES pages


if you have any music, rarities, album scans, or information to offer to the site please email me

new AVI video clips for download


new Tracy info listed on BAND MEMBERS page

mp3 page added

video (AVI) download page added


CRASHSITE 2.0 beta goes back online...several pages and links still not connected nor corrected...continual updates to come

some notable additions include video downloads and more vid caps


CRASHSITE goes down for a face-lift


CRASHSITE acquires the domain, www.crashsite.org


CRASHSITE debuts on the World Wide Web